12 lipiec 2022@18:30
Nobel Prize Museum
Stockholm University, ESA - European Space Agency, Nobel Prize Museum
En ny bild av universum / New images of the universe @ Nobel Prize Museum
After more than two decades of international partnership and collaboration between NASA, ESA, and CSA, the James Webb Space Telescope was launched into space last December. It is now in place at a distance of 1,5 million kilometers from the Earth – four times the distance to the moon – where it will use infrared sensors to look at the very first light in the universe. On 12 June NASA, ESA and CSA will present the first images from this ground-breaking telescope.
On this day, the Nobel Prize Museum welcomes astronomer Daniela Calzetti and Nobel Prize laureate Adam Riess who will show the first images and tell us more about the new horizons that the JWST opens up.
Join us on this day where science history is written before our eyes.
• Adam Riess is a professor of astrophysics at Johns Hopkins University and received the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics for the discovery of the accelerating expansion of the universe.
• Daniela Calzetti is a professor of astronomy at University of Massachusets Amherst and studies star formation in galaxies.
The evening is moderated by Gustav Källstrand.
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Photo: Arianespace, ESA, NASA, CSA, CNES


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