About the Workshop

The Space Mechanisms workshop 2021 on “Position Sensors” will take place via Webex on the 5th of February 2021 .

Position sensors are required in space mechanisms in order to check or control the position of the mechanism moving parts. Position sensors are used also as means to inform about the achievement of a function or a position (e.g. end of travel or reference position sensors).
As an important space mechanisms’ building block, position sensors can have a significant impact on the performance, functionality, and reliability of the mechanisms.
The workshop aims at identifying the existing position sensors technologies (compatible or suitable for space application) with their associated main advantages & drawbacks and the near future needs of European industry such that a roadmap of R&D activities can be defined.

The goals of the workshop are:

  • To provide an overview of the existing and on-going developments of position sensors that could be suitable for space applications.
  • To identify potential needs for improvements for existing and future missions, such as reliability, cost, interfaces, electronics, etc.
  • Identify new trends in mechanisms position sensors utilisation and applications (e.g. embedded sensors, COTS, etc)
  • Identify a Roadmap of R&D activities to cover the needs of European industry
  • Promote exchange between suppliers and costumers

Representatives of the European space mechanisms community and position sensors suppliers are encouraged to participate to the Workshop.

Please note that due to the nature of the information that will be provided, the access to this event can only be granted to delegates from entities registered in the ESA Member states and Cooperating states (ONLY).

More information at workshop website


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Tobiasz Wojnar

Student Informatyki na Politechnice Wrocławskiej. Członek Klubu Astronomicznego Almukantarat oraz prezes koła naukowego PWr Aerospace